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Act fast on water damage!!

Water flood damage restoration is an emergency business. That’s why Magic Carpet Cleaning is on call 24/7 to prevent further damage to your flooded carpet. Our quick response reduces your suffering and saves money. Water damage claims increase substantially if prompt action is not taken to contain the damage.

Magic Carpet Cleaning is most trusted professional carpet cleaning servicing Sydney wide. Magic Carpet Cleaning is on call 24/7 to ensure that your flooded carpet does not suffer further damage. Our prompt reaction lessens your pain and saves you money. If fast action is not taken to contain the damage, water damage claims will skyrocket. Our cleaning professionals use advanced products, processes, and equipment to ensure that your flooded carpet is dry as fast as possible, with the highest possible cleaning and furnishing protection.

Our cleaning professionals, Flooded Carpets Sydney use advanced products, procedures, and equipment to assure your flooded carpet is dry as quick as possible, and the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property and furnishings.

The process unfolds in seven steps:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal
  • Drying: air movement
  • Drying: dehumidifying
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Anti browning treatment
  • Cleaning & sanitising of carpet.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Are you looking for a cost-effective and efficient approach to clean your carpets? Magic Carpet Cleaners is a well-known carpet cleaning firm Sydney wide, providing services to both residential and commercial clients. We have the solution for you, whether you need a deep clean or just want to bring out the beauty of your rugs. We provide cutting-edge wet carpet cleaning services and are committed to ensuring that customers are comfortable selecting us for all of their carpet cleaning needs in Sydney.

Water damage restoration measures must be followed when tragedy hits, such as a washing machine overflow, bath overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from balcony, and so on.It’s not as simple as sucking up the water, cleaning the carpet, and allowing the area to dry on its own.

It is the underlay as well as the wood or concrete floor that must be dried, not the wet carpet. Mold and aroma issues will arise if the underlay is not dried or replaced.

Why Magic Carpet Cleaning?

  • STAIN PRE-TREATMENT prior to the carpet cleaning
  • Professional Dry carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Emergency Carpet Cleaning Sydney
  • Cleaning & sanitising of carpet.
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners.
  • No more bacteria and allergens lurking in the carpets
  • Walk on your carpets immediately.
  • Professional and cost effective cleaning in Sydney
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