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How its done

1. Pre-Vacuuming

The first step that should be performed before any carpet cleaning process is a good pre-vacuuming. According to a well documented study, dry soil comprises 79% of the total soil in a carpet. Removal of the dry soil is very important. If we were to add a cleaning solution to a carpet filled with dry soil we would, in effect, make mud. Therefore a good vacuuming program should be encouraged for all clients. And if the carpet is in need of vacuuming at the time of cleaning it should be pre-vacuumed before proceeding with the cleaning.

2. Pre-Treating

If there are more heavily soiled areas, pre-treating can assist the cleaning. We treat every stain prior to cleaning. Our trained technicians identify and treat each stain accordingly.

3. Prespray Carpet

Specially formulated carpet shampoo is sprayed over the carpet in preperation for the steam clean. This breaks down stuborns soils and stains in the carpet.

4. Deep Steam Clean

Deep steam clean which dries in a few hours not days! Ideal for heavily soiled carpets and heavy traffic areas.

5. Deodorising

Deodorising your carpet to give it that fresh clean feel, this is a must when carpets are cleaned.
Carpet Cleaners Sydney
Carpet Cleaners Sydney
Carpet Cleaners Sydney

Why Magic Carpet Cleaning?

  • STAIN PRE-TREATMENT prior to the carpet cleaning
  • Professional Dry carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Proper care cleaning of your carpet
  • Emergency Carpet Cleaning Sydney
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners.
  • No more bacteria and allergens lurking in the carpets
  • Walk on your carpets immediately.
  • Professional and cost effective cleaning in Sydney
Carpet Cleaners Sydney